Chartwel School of Barbering


We aim to provide a wide and comprehensive selection of barber courses in Kent that caters for all standards. You’ll benefit from decades of experience and professional training that is truly cutting edge, no matter which you choose.


We offer beginner courses in barbering to equip you with the knowledge you need to step confidently into an exciting and competitive trade. Our NVQ barbering courses will then put an official stamp on your vocation, and are an excellent stepping stone to the next level of your career.


For those further afield, we also offer a range of barber courses in London. Wherever you are based in the South East, we provide bespoke, tailored tuition to suit you.


And as masters in the art of the shave, it should be no surprise that our shaving courses are a cut above the rest too.


£175 one day | £300 per two day

The classic hot towel shave is perhaps the most iconic of treatments that used to be offered by traditional barbers everywhere. Like true style, it will never go out of fashion. And for those who experience it, it often sets new standards when it comes to their personal presentation. The same is true for our hot towel shave course.


From mastering the open blade to perfecting your preparation of the client through the application of heat, oils and massage, you will be fully instructed in the execution of the ultimate shave. Offered as an intensive one or two day programme.



£350 two day

From classic haircuts to classic technique, the benefits of being tutored in the art of traditional barbering will help you stand out from the crowd when it comes to perfecting your own sense of style and delivering satisfaction to your clients.


We’ll show you the core cuts and methods that the entire industry of hairdressing has been built on, giving you all you need to expand upon them and make them your very own.





Equivalent to an NVQ level 3 standard, our advanced barbering course is for those wishing to build on already established experience and skills.

Here we condense decades of learning and knowledge into a fully inclusive and exploratory course that cuts no corners in our striving for excellence. Be in no doubt that our demands and expectations of you will be no less than those we impress on our own staff and services. Completing our advanced barber course will truly give you the right to call yourself a master of the craft.



One of the huge advantages of dealing with an individual rather than a whole institution is our ability to offer you a tailor made course that suits your needs.

From a specific aspect of the barber’s art, to delving into deeper detail of a technique or product, we can accommodate you. As a barber, each and every haircut is a bespoke work adapted to the individual’s wishes and wants. Our courses offer the same versatility. Whatever your requirements, we are confident we can meet them and exceed your expectations at the same time. Talk to us today about embarking on a course that really is all about you.

Chartwel School of Barbering
Chartwel School of Barbering
Chartwel School of Barbering
Chartwel School of Barbering